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Porter Reaches out to Patients about Closing of Internal Medicine Practice

MIDDLEBURY–Porter Medical Center Interim CEO Dr. Fred Kniffin sent a letter this week to the patients of Porter Internal Medicine formally announcing the plans for closing this practice. “I am writing to share with you the news that Dr. Naomi Hodde and Dr. Cynthia Smith will be leaving our practice to pursue professional opportunities outside of our community in the next few months. Dr. Smith will be leaving at the end of this month and Dr. Hodde will be leaving in mid-June” he wrote.

The letter goes on to say that: “From May 2 until her final departure on June 13, Dr. Hodde will be available to see patients at our Primary Care – Bristol practice. At that time, her patients may choose to see another provider in that location or choose another provider within our community–and we will assist you,”.

Kniffin shares in the letter that his leadership team and area providers have been working hard behind the scenes to identify the best option for the remaining PIM physician, Dr. Brad Armstrong, and his patients. “In light of these changes and after a very thorough review of all possible near-term options, Dr. Brad Armstrong and I have determined that we will be relocating his medical practice to our Primary Care – Brandon practice in Brandon as of May 2nd. Although we explored every possible option for allowing Dr. Armstrong to remain in the current location, it truly is not feasible to maintain a full-time/stand-alone medical practice with a single provider” he added.

“We understand, appreciate and sincerely apologize for the significant impact these changes will have on you as a patient. Losing your provider, or having your provider relocate to another practice, are extremely difficult situations for any patient. We are 100% committed to working with every PIM patient to ensure that you and your family have the care you need” Kniffin said.

According to the letter, any current patient of the practice will be automatically transferred to Dr. Armstrong at Neshobe if they wish to follow him there. “If at this time you wish to follow Dr. Armstrong to his new practice location at Neshobe, you do not have to do anything. Your records will be automatically transferred to the new practice with no action on your part”.

“If you would prefer to transfer your care to another local office, our office staff is committed to working with you and facilitating a smooth transition and continued excellent service for you and your family” he wrote.

Enclosed with the letter is a list of Porter practices that are currently accepting new patients in case individuals wish to transfer their care by reaching out to one of these practices directly. But it also offers additional assistance to patients if they need help. “Please feel free to call our office at 388-8805 and we will assist you in any way possible” it reads.

“I am confident that one of the offices within Porter Medical Group can continue to provide timely access to appointments and the same level of outstanding patient care that you have come to expect from Porter Internal Medicine” Kniffin said.