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Porter Medical Center Governance & Board of Trustees

Porter Medical Center is an affiliate of the UVM Health Network and is governed by a Board of Trustees.

The Porter Medical Center Board of Trustees is part of the UVM Health Network Board of Trustees and provides oversight and governance for both Porter Medical Center and the UVM Health Network. Members are community-minded individuals and employees from our region who volunteer their time to help establish Porter’s strategic direction and monitor performance.

Click here to meet our current Board.

Seeking New Members

The Porter Medical Center Board of Trustees is inviting community members to apply for two upcoming openings in the Fall of 2022. Please see below for details on how to apply and expectations for Members.

The selection of new Trustees will be governed by a process that begins with an open solicitation of Letters of Interest to join the board.

  • Up to five candidates will be selected to advance from the letters of interest using a blind assessment matrix that hides personally identifying information.
  • Candidates who advance will be interviewed using a standardized set of questions designed to to reduce bias and provide each candidate an opportunity to fully introduce themselves.
  • Finalists will be asked to provide the Board with two references prior to confirmation.

The Porter Medical Center Board of Trustees aims to reflect the composition of the communities we serve to effectively participate in the governance of Porter Medical Center and the UVM Health Network. Applicants should be community-minded and interested in the topics of access, quality, and affordability of healthcare locally and in the state of Vermont. Trustees must be willing and able to volunteer their time to attend monthly meetings.

The Board is looking for individuals with a range of life experiences, professional attributes and a history of community service that will contribute to a strong and diverse board. No previous board experience or healthcare experience is required.

Letter of Interest

To apply to be a Porter Medical Center Board of Trustees, please submit a letter of interest to Linda Schiffer, Board Chair, and email it to Susan Lapworth at

The Letter of Interest should include the following:

  • Why you are interested in joining the Board;
  • What skills and experience you would bring to the Board;
  • The town you live in and why Porter is important to your town;
  • Please describe any personal connections you have to Porter;
  • Please describe any current or previous board experience, if any;
  • Please disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

Deadline for Submission: July 15, 2022

Letters will be reviewed by a board governance sub-committee. Prior to committee review, all personally identifying information will be removed from your letter of interest to ensure a fair assessment, free from personal connection or bias. All letters of interest will remain confidential. Notification of selection for advancement in the process will be delivered by email by July 18, 2022.

If you have any questions about becoming a board member or questions about the application process, please email Jud Bartlett, Governance Chair, at

UVMHN Porter Medical Center Trustee Details

  • Term: 3 year terms, renewable up to a total of 9 years
  • Requirements: 18 years of age and a full-time resident of a town in the Porter Medical Center service area (Addison County, southern Chittenden County, northern Rutland County and Eastern Essex County, NY)
  • Anticipated Time Commitment:  10 – 12 hours per month, varies by month
  • Compensation: Uncompensated, per Vermont Non Profit Corporation Act, Title 11B

What Board Service Looks Like:

As a UVMHN Porter Medical Center Trustee, you will join a board of 19 other community-minded individuals and employees of UVMHN Porter Medical Center to participate in the oversight and governance of Porter Medical Center and the UVM Health Network.

The role of the board is to govern, not manage, the organization. Locally, the board oversees UVMHN Porter Medical Center and participates in setting the strategic direction for the organization and monitoring performance. The board is responsible for approving and monitoring Porter’s Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), overseeing quality at Porter Medical Center and Helen Porter, approving privileges for the Medical Staff, managing local philanthropy and helping to direct population health initiatives in our community.

Trustees have the opportunity to help shape our community of care in Vermont and northern New York by engaging with trustees from other network members on UVM Health Network committees. These committees are populated by representatives from member hospitals in NY and VT and are organized by focus areas such as planning, finance, governance, population health and quality.

Porter Medical Center trustees participate directly on at least one UVM Health Network board committee (with 4-6 meetings per year via Zoom) and attend 6 in-person UVMHN Porter Medical Center trustee meetings per year. UVMHN Porter Medical Center trustee meetings are held at various locations within the communities in our service area throughout the year.

Timeline for UVMHN Porter Medical Center New Trustee Evaluation:

  1. Solicitation of Letters of Interest (June 15 – July 15)
  2. Review of Letters (Ongoing through July 15)
  3. Notification of Candidacy (July 11 – 18)
  4. Interview Questions Released and Interviews Scheduled (July 11-22)
  5. Interviews Conducted (July 18 – 29)
  6. Finalists Notified and References Requested (August 1)
  7. Vote for Appointment (August 11 Governance Meeting)
  8. Vote for Acceptance by Entire Board (September 7)
  9. Network Board Approval (September 15)
  10. Board Service Begins (October 1)