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Get treatment from an experienced cardiologist close to where you live and work. See one of our heart specialists and connect to all the UVM Health Network has to offer.



Addison County Residents Take Heart

When it comes to your heart, there’s a level of care at Porter Medical Center you won’t find everywhere. Each of us is committed to making sure you get whatever cardiovascular care you need. Maybe you’ve been having palpitations and you wonder what can be done about it. Maybe heart failure runs in your family. Or maybe you’ve already seen a doctor who suspects a structural heart disease.

By paying a visit to one of our cardiologists, you get thoughtful, personalized attention as well as access to leading cardiovascular treatment. And because we’re a part of the UVM Health Network, we can ensure you get the advanced care you need, wherever it’s offered within the Network.

Find a PMC cardiologist below or get information about our cardiac rehab and testing services, including our Pacemaker Clinic. Then read down the page to learn more about how the UVM Health Network keeps access to advanced heart care close to home.

Find a Cardiologist

Our PMC team of board-certified cardiologists is skilled in life-saving heart procedures, preventative care and treat conditions such as:

Cardiovascular Testing

Cardiologists use various tests to help diagnose and evaluate heart problems, including arrhythmias, aortic stenosis, and heart disease. Here are some non-invasive tests we perform at Porter Medical Center:

  • Echocardiogram
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Holter monitoring
  • Pacemaker Testing
  • Peripheral vascular exam
  • Stress testing

Working Together with the UVM Health Network

We work together with your primary care providers and specialists in the UVM Health Network.


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Our Practice

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The doctors and specialists here at PMC offer personalized attention and access to world-class treatment. As part of the UVM Health Network, we pride ourselves on offering a level of care you won't find just anywhere.

State map showing Porter Medical Cardiology location

When you’re referred to one of our cardiologists, you’ll receive consultation, diagnostic testing, and treatment locally. That treatment may include other sub-specialties, inpatient cardiology services, pacemakers, and the like.

For cardiac catheterizations, ablations, vascular surgery, cardiac surgery, stroke intervention, high-risk percutaneous intervention, TAVR, TMVR, and other advanced procedures, your cardiologist will get you in at the UVM Medical Center in Burlington. 

Cardiac care diagram

Please call our office at 802-382-3443 or Cardio Rehab at 802-388-5634.