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Prescriptions & Refills

How can I refill my medication?

Medication refill requests can be made online through MyChart. See information above to sign up or log in.
Refills can also be made by contacting your pharmacy. This applies to controlled substances and applies if you have no refills left on your bottle(s). Your pharmacy will contact us with your medication needs.
Refill requests take 48 to 72 hours (or 3 business days) to process. Requests made on a Friday will be processed the next business day. Unfortunately, we cannot process refill requests over the weekend.

Can I use a Mail Order Pharmacy?

For our office to send scripts to your mail order pharmacy we will need you to contact the insurance company that you have the pharmacy benefits with. (The phone number should be on the back of your card.) Please let us know which Mail Order Pharmacy you will be using with your medications.

What if my prescription is a Controlled Substance?

Controlled substances are prescribed electronically, but there are restrictions on how they are refilled. Please call us at (802) 388-7959 or submit a refill request via MyChart when you need a refill, allowing at least 72 hours for the refill request to be processed whenever possible. We are also required to have a Controlled Substance Agreement form signed on a yearly basis for patients who are taking medications that are controlled substances.


Will someone remind me of my visit?

As a service to our patients, we have implemented an appointment reminder system, HouseCalls, to provide you with the courtesy of a timely reminder of your next scheduled appointment. Patients have the options to choose a CALL or TEXT preference…
  • HouseCalls will CALL or TEXT you 2 days prior to give you the day, date and time of your appointment.
  • For TEXT reminders, you can reply to the instructions on the screen to confirm or cancel.
  • For CALL reminders, you can either confirm or cancel the appointment by using your telephone keypad.
  • Press the 1 Key to confirm the appointment
  • Press the 2 Key to repeat the message
  • Press the 3 Key to cancel the appointment
If you are unavailable when the call is made and have voicemail or an answering machine, the system will leave you a brief message.

What if I can’t make it to my appointment?

If you should need to cancel and/or reschedule your appointment, please call us at 802-388-7959. We require 24 hours notice for all cancellations. If you do not call us in advance of your appointment time, you will be considered a “No Show”. Please review our No Show and Cancellation Policy for more information.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring your insurance card and photo ID with you to your appointment. When you check in, notify us of any changes in your insurance coverage.

Test Results

When can I expect my test results?

Our policy is to notify patients of all test results, either by phone or by mail. Unless there is an unanticipated abnormal result or one that requires urgent attention, it may be up to 10 days for you to get your results, longer for some tests. Be assured that all tests are reviewed for urgency by a clinical staff member as soon as we receive them, even if the ordering provider is not immediately available. Test results are available in MyChart. Please do not call for results unless you have not heard from us by 2 weeks after the test was performed.

Can I view my test results online?

Yes! Test results are available in MyChart. Be assured that all tests are reviewed for urgency by a clinical staff member as soon as we receive them, even if the ordering provider is not immediately available. Please do not call for results unless you have not heard from us by 2 weeks after the test was performed. Please be sure to register for MyChart in person before attempting to log in.

Referrals to other Providers

What should I do if I’m referred to another provider?

If your provider has determined that you must be seen by an outside specialist, i.e., cardiologist, podiatrist, etc., we can make that appointment for you and call with the information. We will send appropriate medical records required for your care to the specialist. You may also require an insurance referral. Depending upon your insurance, pre-certification/prior authorization may need to be completed in order for your insurance company to pay for those visit(s).

Workers Compensation

What if my visit is covered by Workers Compensation?

Please provide the date of injury, employer, and worker’s comp liability insurance. Failure to provide this information at the time of your visit will result in the bill being sent to you as a “self pay”. You will then be responsible for submitting the bill for payment.

Medical Records & Patient Confidentiality

Does the Electronic Medical Record compromise my privacy?

It is our responsibility to protect the confidentiality of your medical records at all times. Records may only be released with the written consent of the patient or the patient’s legal guardian. If at any time you feel your privacy has been violated, please contact Customer Service at 802-388-5699.

Can I transfer my records?

If you would like your records transferred, you must sign a release statement giving us permission to share your records or send information to another office. It usually takes 30 days to transfer/copy your medical records. Medical Records Release Form.


What if I can’t pay my bill?

If you are unable to pay your bill you may be eligible for financial assistance. You can obtain this information by contacting our Patient Financial Services department at 802-388-5673 or 802-388-4745.

General billing questions may be directed to the appropriate members of our Financial Services staff at the listing below:

Patient Financial Services
37 Porter Drive Middlebury, VT  05753 
PH: 802-388-8808 
FAX: 802-388-8322

Chris Cook, Director Porter Financial Services