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 Advisory: UVM Health Network Gets High Rating for Price Transparency

 Advisory: UVM Health Network Gets High Rating for Price Transparency Image

Burlington, Vt. – A report released last week recognized the University of Vermont Health Network as one of the most transparent health systems in the country based on its efforts to make pricing available publicly. Turquoise Health analyzed nearly 5,000 hospitals and health systems based on how well they are following a federal requirement to publish their negotiated rates with private insurers.

Categories included whether hospitals have complied with federal requirements by posting a machine-readable pricing file with negotiated, cash and list rates. The UVM Health Network was one of 104 hospitals or health systems to receive the top score.

“We are committed to providing patients with meaningful information to support their ability to make informed health care decisions for themselves and their families,” said John R. Brumsted, President and CEO of the UVM Health Network. “We are proud to be recognized for this effort, proud to be low cost compared to the rest of the country, and dedicated to striving for transparency and affordability.”

Vermont is the lowest cost state in the country for Medicare per capita expenditures, led by the health service areas where Network affiliates Central Vermont Medical Center, Porter Medical Center and UVM Medical Center are located. The UVM Medical Center has also recently been ranked first among academic medical centers in the country for value. 

For more information on price transparency:
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The UVM Health Network works with patients to determine if they are eligible for discounted and free care through our Financial Assistance Program. Patients may also qualify for our Health Assistance Program, which covers the cost of medications, dental care, glasses and other medical equipment for low- and middle-income patients. For more information, click here