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Palliative Support Services
We believe that every person should be able to die in comfort and with dignity.

Wellspring Singers

Wellspring Singers

Who we are

We have many talented volunteers and Wellspring is a group of singers who offer music to patients, family members, caregivers, and friends of those nearing the end of their lives.

With a diverse repertoire of songs, they strive to offer music that is meaningful to each person for whom we sing. In addition to singing a-cappella, they also offer instrumental accompaniment on harp, recorder, piano, guitar, and flute. 

We believe in the power of music to comfort the soul, build connections among people, invite reflection, kindle memories, and promote a sense of wellbeing. Understanding that every person has different needs and responds to different types of music we personalize each singing experience to the people in the room with us.

Music can have a profound effect.  Among its many benefits, music 

  • Promotes a sense of relaxation and inner calm
  • Decreases anxiety and fearfulness
  • Reduces pain and general discomfort
  • Provides a sense of community and connectedness through a shared experience
  • Invites reflection, contemplation and meditation
  • Kindles memories and encourages life review
  • Stimulates communication among patient, family and friends

Wellspring are not professional performers but community members who sing from their hearts, bringing to bedsides, and elsewhere, the gift of music to soothe and comfort.

>> Listen to our recordings

To request a sing for your loved one please contact: 

Louella Richer, Palliative Support Services Mgr.
Phone: (802) 388-4744


How wonderfully comforting was the music sung by the Wellspring Hospice Singers at H’s memorial service.  It was the perfect interlude between the spoken words.” 

Thanks so much for your visit and singing, everyone REALLY enjoyed it, and the fact that POP really seemed to connect made it special for everyone.  You have helped to make a difficult time a little easier.” 

During most of (my grandmother’s) stay in the hospital, she was very restless and fighting the inevitable prior to (Wellspring) coming in and singing to her. Once you sang to her, she seemed to have a sense of calm about her and seemed to be at peace with everything.  She loved music. I am convinced that along with a slight adjustment to her body position, your singing is what allowed her to feel at peace with everything and pass into the next world in a calm manner. You have no idea how appreciative we are in our family for what you did.” 

Thank you so much for you and your team of singers using their time and their gifts to more than make a day very special for my mother-in-law, G.  She felt like a queen.  What a wonderful ministry – spirit-filled ministry. 

Please note that UVMHN – Home Health and Hospice also has a group of volunteer singers based out of Colchester – the Noyoana Singers.