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Get Ready to Meet MyChart

Starting on November 9, 2019, your outpatient portal will become MyChart.

On November 1, 2019, your current outpatient portal—MyHealth Portal—will be replaced by MyChart, a new and improved online health portal powered by Epic. This change is part of a UVM Health Network-wide transition toward a more connected, safe, secure, and convenient online health experience for all patients.

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With MyChart, you’ll benefit from the following new features:

  • eCheck-In: Begin the check in process online before an upcoming appointment by confirming contact information, paying your copay, filling out questionnaires and more. You can also request to be added to the waitlist to get an appointment sooner.

    Please note, you will still need to complete the check in process by coming to the front desk to confirm you have arrived at your appointment, verify insurance, and make any co-payments (if applicable).

  • Photo Uploads: You can now upload images along with secure messages to your doctor’s office.

  • More Personalization: Customize your MyChart experience by choosing your pronoun and preferred nickname.

  • Added Security: Benefit from extra protection of your health information with the added security of 2-factor authentication.

  • Happy Together: Connect your health information from other organizations that use MyChart’s Care Everywhere feature.

  • Share My Record: Grant one-time, online access to the health information that you see in MyChart.

While not officially part of MyChart, the following new functionality is also going live on November 1, 2019.

  • Text Reminders & Confirmation: You can now choose to receive texts as appointment reminders and confirmations.

  • Welcome Kiosks: Patients of Primary Care in Middlebury and Pediatric Primary Care who have pre-registered can check in and pay their co-pay at an on-site kiosk.

MyChart also offers these popular existing features:

  • A free, easy-to-use mobile app
  • Secure messaging with your doctor’s office
  • Real-time test results available online
  • Online access to the After Visit Summary and any care team notes
  • Email alerts about upcoming appointments and other health reminders
  • Online prescription renewal requests
  • And MUCH more

Questions You Might Have

  1. What is MyChart?

    MyChart is the online patient portal associated with Epic, the electronic health record (EHR) used by the UVM Health Network.

    An EHR is a real-time, digital version of a patient’s medical record and can be viewed and managed by authorized health providers. EHRs have patient portals that give patients 24/7 online access to their personal health information from anywhere with an Internet connection.

    The Network is implementing Epic and MyChart at Porter Medical Center in two phases:

    1. November 1, 2019: Ambulatory departments and outpatient practices (see question 2).
    2. October 1, 2020: Hospital inpatient services, which often involve hospital stays.

    Epic and MyChart are also launching at Central Vermont Medical Center and Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital on November 1. The UVM Medical Center already uses Epic and their patient portal is called MyHealth Online. On November 1, MyHealth Online will be upgraded and renamed MyChart.

  2. Which practices at Porter will be getting MyChart for their patients?

    MyChart will become available to patients of most ambulatory departments and outpatient practices on November 1, 2019.

    MyChart is NOT launching at the following locations:

    • Dialysis locations
    • All Rehabilitation Therapy locations

    Please note: MyChart is NOT replacing the inpatient information and features within the MyHealth portal at this time. Patients receiving inpatient services, which often involve hospital stays, will continue to use MyHealth as their inpatient portal until October 2020.

  3. How long will I have access to the outpatient and ambulatory information in my current MyHealth patient portal?

    Starting November 1, patients should stop using their existing MyHealth patient portal to access outpatient or ambulatory information. They’ll need to create new accounts with MyChart. Patients will still be able to access their MyHealth portal, but no new outpatient practice information will be added after October 31, 2019.

  4. Will anything change regarding how I view or pay my bills?

    Yes, for visits for Professional charges incurred on or after November 1, patients with MyChart accounts may pay their co-pays and bills within the MyChart portal. For all visits prior to November 1, and all hospital-based services (Facilities charges), patients will pay using the current billing system in the Meditech MyHealth portal.

  5. What information from my existing outpatient portal (MyHealth) will be visible in MyChart?

    The following information will be visible in MyChart after November 1:

    • General and microbiology lab results going back 3 years
    • Pathology and cytology lab results going back 10 years
    • Imaging results interpretation for radiology and cardiology going back 5 years
    • Future appointments
    • Current problem list, allergies, medications, and immunizations. Please note, data will not be fully available on November 1.
    • Care team members for primary care and those linked to appointments in the next 90 days.
  6. What if I have a portal account at another hospital impacted by this transition?

    If you have a portal at any of these UVM Health Network affiliates, then click here to learn more about how that patient portal is changing:

  7. What’s next?

    Prior to November 1, patients with existing portal accounts will receive detailed activation information via mail and email.