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Porter Pediatrics Relocation & Renovation

Moving to Better Serve Our Smallest Patients

A newborn in distress requires urgent care

When a newborn baby is in distress, minutes can mean the difference between life and death. In March 2020, Pediatrician Mike Seaton was seeing patients in the Porter Pediatrics office on Exchange Street when an urgent call came that a newborn was in cardiopulmonary arrest at Porter’s Birthing Center, 3.5 miles away. A pediatrician was needed on site, as soon as possible. Dr. Seaton had to rush to his car and navigate downtown traffic to reach his patient at Porter Hospital.

“There were two traffic delays that stopped me on the way to the hospital”.

When Dr. Seaton arrived at Porter Birthing Center, Baby Nash’s heart had stopped beating. Nurses were doing chest compressions and providing artificial ventilation.  “The team of clinicians was doing an excellent job,” remembers Dr. Seaton,  “They were focused and calm and doing everything they should.”  But certain procedures must be done by a pediatrician, and Nash needed a central IV, which Dr. Seaton inserted through his umbilical cord. The baby was also intubated. After the second dose of epinephrine was administered, there was a heart beat and Nash’s color started to come back.  

“It was a huge team effort. You can’t overstate that the baby’s survival depended on what the team did before i got there and what we did together after I arrived”

“After our office relocates, I can walk out that door and down the hall and be at that baby’s bedside in under a minute. I can be there to help make decisions and direct the care of a baby within the first minutes of its life.”
-Dr. Mike Seaton, Porter Pediatrician

A special bond

Nash was transferred to the neonatal intensive care unit at UVMMC, and was discharged within a couple days.  Five months later, he has had no adverse effects.  Nash’s mother, Melissa, chose Porter Pediatrics for Nash’s check-ups and always requests to see Dr. Seaton at his appointments.  The reunions often involve tears for both doctor and mother. “It’s still quite emotional to see that baby,” Dr. Seaton admits, “It was just the closest call. I feel extremely grateful.” 

Once Porter Pediatrics moves into a newly renovated space inside the hospital, Dr. Seaton and his fellow pediatricians can walk down the hall and arrive at a newborn baby’s bedside in under a minute.

You Can Help Improve Access to Care


  • Renovation of newly available space on Porter Hospital campus to accommodate Porter Pediatrics
  • Relocation of Porter Pediatrics from its current space on Exchange Street to Porter Hospital – only steps away from the Birthing Center, as well as other important health services provided to children and families on Porter’s campus.


  • Exam rooms increase from 8 to 10
  • On-site laboratory for ancillary services like x-rays and blood work
  • A centralized nurses’ station to improve efficiencies and communication
  • Better accommodation of behavioral health and nutritional counseling services
  • Less wait time for pediatric patients and their families
  • More suited to a team-based model of care


  • Construction began in spring 2020 but was shut down when COVID-19 hit
  • Estimated completion date is December, 2020
  • Total project cost is $1.2 million
  • Philanthropic goal is $600,000
  • Progress: In July, a loyal donor contributed $50,000 to the project

To Support Porter Pediatrics Relocation & Renovation



Send a check made out to
Porter Medical Center to:

Development Department
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Amy Bodette Barr
Director of Development
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