Quality is Our Priority

At Porter Medical Center, our goal is to deliver exceptional quality to every patient, in every care setting.

Our capacity to measure and report health care outcomes, realize cost efficiencies and ensure patient safety through adherence to best practices is instrumental to providing high-quality care to the communities we serve.

PMC uses well-established performance measures (concepts of standardized measures and validated data) to demonstrate the quality of care we deliver to our patients every day.

As an organization, we believe in transparency and in openly sharing our performance data with the public. You can find quality reports for UVM Health Network - Porter Medical Centerl as reported by national health care organizations such as Health Vermont,and the Joint Commission.

PMC's Report Card

View PMC's report card which provides comparative data about Vermont hospital quality, patient satisfaction, pricing and financial information.In addition, it provides information about our quality improvement initiatives, strategic initiatives, governance,and process for filing a complaint. To view..

The Complaint Process

Patients and their representatives have the right to express concerns about the quality of care or service received at Porter Medical Center.   This is called presenting a complaint. We encourage the resolution of concerns by speaking directly with a staff member in the department or unit where the problem has occurred. Patient Complaint & Grievance Process.