Mission Statements

Porter Medical Center

The Mission of Porter Medical Center, and its subsidiary companies, is to provide healthcare to people of all ages with compassion and excellence.

The organization will:

  • Porter Hospital Middlebury VT Treat and care for the sick and injured;
  • Provide, in cooperation with the community, as appropriate, a continuum of health services including out patient services, rehabilitation, long-term care, and wellness/prevention programs;
  • Ensure the delivery of high quality care available to all without regard to their ability to pay;
  • Serve as a leader and catalyst in helping to determine, and provide for, the health needs of the community, while remaining a financially healthy organization.

Helen Porter Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

Helen Porter Nursing Home VermontOur Vision

We envision a safe and caring environment, which fosters both positive relationships and a sense of community. We envision a home filled with love, dignity and quality care. We envision working together as a team and ensuring a sense of collaboration and open communication, where every person is valued and supported as an individual and as a member of a larger community.

Our Mission
To promote the swift recovery of those needing rehabilitation and to be a true home for those staying here longer.