FAQs Regarding Admission for Long-Term Residence

How do I apply?

You can obtain an application and information release at here or we can mail the application to you. We would also love the opportunity to bring you on a tour of our facility. Please call 802-388-4001 and you will be directed to our Admissions Coordinator. Once the application is returned we can start evaluating your loved one to determine if we are able to meet their needs. For those candidates seeking admission to memory care we typically do a site visit to gather more information. Once the evaluation takes place this information will be shared with the admissions team confidentially.

How long is the waiting list?

There is no single waiting list for admission to Helen Porter. The length of time an applicant might wait is based on multiple factors and could range from a few days to a number of months. The applicant's care needs and behavioral issues in addition to bed availability each factor greatly in determining the length of the wait and acceptance. If you have any questions about the admissions process or want to discuss your particular situation, feel free to call the admissions staff. For more information please call 802-388-4001.

I don't need a nursing home yet; can I still put my name on the waiting list?

Inquiring about long-term residence and what Helen Porter offers is a great start to learning about your options. Our active waiting list is intended for applicants who are actively pursuing admission and would be prepared to move into our facility immediately. You may also choose to be an Inactive Applicant. In that case, an application will be kept on file in the event you require our services in the future. This saves you and/or family from the stress of completing paperwork in the midst of a crisis.

Are private rooms available?

Private rooms are only available on a limited basis and for long term care. We have a small number of private rooms located on both long term care neighborhoods that are primarily utilized for those with private funds but at times we also utilize the rooms to manage infection control issues and certain behaviors. Each private room has a waiting list.

How is long-term care paid for?

Long-term care is paid for privately, or, for those who quality, by state assistance (Medicaid or Choices for Care) If you have a long-term care insurance policy, you will need to speak with your insurance agent to be sure that your particular policy will cover your care at the Helen Porter. The enclosed Long-Term Care Per Diem Room Rates sheet details the cost of care at our facilities, as well as what is included and excluded from the daily rate.

Do you have a Memory Care Neighborhood?

Yes. To be admitted, there must be a diagnosis of dementia or some form of cognitive impairment. We then assess the prospective resident on a case-by¬ case basis. Our Memory Care Neighborhood provides activities throughout the day in an effort to engage resident’s and decrease behavior issues. We also have a Namaste room which seeks to provide for resident needs on another level through sensory stimulation.

How will my medical care be provided?

Medical care is provided to the residents on-site by their primary care physicians and our nurse practitioner. Those needing specialist in care such as audiology, dermatology, gynecology, neurology, ophthalmology, optometry, orthopedics, podiatry, psychiatry, radiology and surgery can be assisted to their local practice by our transport aide based on availability. When necessary, acute hospital care is provided at Porter Medical Center.